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Friday 25 May 2007

In Summary

on 25 May : 23:30  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
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Update on the Hillay/Obama BS Votes

on 25 May : 11:15  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Paul Begala (of all people) lends support to my position.

Quote of the Day
"You know, I think both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, neither of them covered themselves with glory here. This -- this bill was not unexpected. It was not a deal that would suddenly shock anybody. And the fact that they could not decide until just -- just right before the vote, where they were going to be, I think, is going to upset a lot of their supporters. And maybe this gives new oxygen to some of the stronger, clearer anti-war candidates."

-- Democratic strategist Paul Begala, interviewed on CNN about the Iraq war funding bill.

I hope Hillary and Obama ignore Begala and that is just another push in the back to Gore.


on 25 May : 00:33  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
If you haven't stayed up all night on YouTube like I did and shouldn't have, then you may not have seen these two videos.

You won't regret it.

I promise.



Thursday 24 May 2007

Come On And Get You Some O' Dis Joy...

on 24 May : 23:46  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  

If you're not angry today, then let this be the cherry on top and enjoy your day just a little bit more. If you are like me and you're pretty peeved about the Dems turning their backs on your will and the troops, then let this salve the wound a little.

This has been around for a while but it still makes me happy. The beauty of this is not only the plethora of locales this guy's been in but the juxtaposition of his silly dance in the middle of the profound natural and manmade beauty that surrounds him the aesthetically pleasing frame.

Dig on Matt and where the hell he is...

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