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Tuesday 17 April 2007

The Virginia Tech Incident

on 17 Apr : 11:08  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Lots of things bugging me about this.

For starters, my heart goes out to those who had family members senselessly taken from them in this whole horrible tragedy. I imagine there are zero people in this country who don't feel the same way.

What has happened since the young man who committed the crimes took his own life is where I want to focus.

The Media - From the very beginning, this has been a voyeuristic festival of vultures. At three in the afternoon yesterday, the president of the university was already fielding questions about how he screwed up. This guy is a victim of the crimes. The "news" types are instantly jumping on anything that might be controversial and playing it all up. There is only one reason to do this. They have all become Nancy Graces and know that if there is no debatable aspect of a situation then the story will not have legs. A legless story will only catch eyeballs for a day or two.

Matt Lauer (POS) interviewed President Charles Steger this morning and the first question out of POS Lauer's stupid gob was "What's the most haunting question in your mind about how this was handled?" WTF?

And how sick is it that Couric, Williams, Lauer and Veira all flew down to the school to do their shows from there? Using tragedy to get ratings much?

The Politics - Ok, call me crazy but they postponed Attorney General Gonzales' testimony.

"We have consulted with the Attorney General and all understand it is appropriate to postpone Attorney General Gonzales's appearance before the Judiciary Committee until Thursday, in light of the tragic events that occurred Monday at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Our thoughts and our prayers are with the victims of this senseless and horrific tragedy, their families and the Virginia Tech community."

Now, it seems to me that something tragic always happens to postpone or end something that is potentially devastating to the Bush "administration". 9/11, for everything that it was and affected our collective consciousness, was a serious windfall for the Bush "administration". All the crazy neo-con wetdreams became serious, foreseeable outcomes when it appeared that our nation had been attacked and we should just go bomb somebody. They wanted to invade Iraq from day one and 9/11 gave them an oh-so-apt excuse.

It seems like every time something bad is about to happen to Bush and his cult, something happens that draws focus from it.

Guns - Until morons who make bombs and guns and the like come to realize that they are killing people, we'll always have to live with guns as a reality of America. Gun nuts and people who grew up watching the Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers seem to think that everyone owning a gun is the answer. It's not.

Everyone owning guns would result in MORE DEATHS from even more stupid disputes. We'd have to drunks arguing over whether Peyton Manning was the greatest quarterback of all time resolving that discussion by seeing which of them was the most dead. We'd have more parents killing their screaming children. We'd have more jilted lovers blowing away the jilting party whilst having a chardonnay with a new lover.

Basically, we'd all be living in the show DEADWOOD.

The wife mentioned the wisdom of Chris Rock. "Sure, you can buy all the guns you want, but bullets are $5000 a piece." (He hilariously goes on to portray a guy who had a beef with someone telling that someone else that they better hope he can't get no bullets on layaway.) That's not a bad idea in a way.

Cracker seems to be against registration of all guns but I don't see how that's a bad idea. All cars are registered and they kill a lot of people. Why not guns? And I would go even further and say that no one can buy ammunition for a gun without providing the serial number of the gun they want to use said ammunition in. The serial numbers would then be confirmed to match the identity of the person who owns that gun according to the system.

But that won't stop people from walking into schools and killing large numbers of kids and teachers. What would stop people/nuts from doing that? Well, we could get rid of all guns. That would definitely stop it.

Let me stop for minute and focus on guns themselves. This is kind of "out there" but bear with me for a minute. Guns are not inherently, in and of themselves, evil. Guns are simply objects that perform certain actions and those actions are sometimes beneficial but mostly those actions are antithetical to what most of us believe is good.

One of the very few sometimes is when a gun helps defend a country against invaders. Some people like to hunt and that's fine for them, I suppose. I wish they didn't want to but some do and guns are part of that. I like the idea of gun sports. Target shooting, skeet shooting and the like. A guy I know goes to a thing in Colorado every year where they use high powered rifles to shoot sticks of dynamite from 100 to 800 yards. What's the point? It's fun when things blow up. There's skill in that somewhere.

My real point is that though guns are not evil, they have a some real detrimental aspects to them. They're very handy. they're easy to operate, they're very portable and easily concealable. This attributes are very convenient to someone who is looking for a resolution to a situation in which they believe they have any no other capacities for resolution.

If a gun weighed as much as a concrete block, I doubt people would whip one out to kill their husbands for the insurance money. Guns wouldn't be used to rob liquor stores or to defend them either. End of aside.

Everyone has a right to own a gun. Everyone also has a right to own pet rattle snakes. If that was the norm and written into the Constitution (the right of the people to keep and care for pet rattle snakes, shall not be infringed), the discussions and debates would be identical. Kids would kill each other because Joey thought his pet rattle snake was de-fanged. Wives would put the pet rattle snake down their abusive husbands shirt. Guys with hoodies and sunglasses on would walk into convenience stores and hold their pet rattle snakes out, fangs first to the cashier and demand all the money in the register. And the NPRSA would be crying about how its in the Constitution and they believe in American values and how the government would have no opposition if the government was the only owner of pet rattle snakes.

But they'd still be rattle snakes and they'd still kill people because that's what they do. The rattle snakes are only decent as pets and their use as a pest control is easily filled by some other pest control.

And there'd be all these people saying, "Good grief, we've got people keeping rattle snakes in their houses." And it's just not safe to have a rattle snake in the house.

The point is that we have to do something to make it less convenient for people to pick up a gun to resolve conflicts or exert their will on others. Big Brother is not the answer. Banning guns is not going to be allowed to be the answer.

The Lesson
- In my opinion, we have got to be better people. What I will take away from the incident is that humans have to be better. That's the discussion I want to have with others. How do we collectively make life better for everyone? What would have helped this guy not want to kill as many as possible? It's too easy to say that his parents f'ed up. Sure, they were the front liners and the closest to him but what happened that they were who they were and that resulted in their making him incapable of handling his emotions in a non-violent, socially unacceptable manner? Was is historical, financial, educational, dietary? What was it?

Was there something as a society that we all could have done without any effort in the least to make their lives better so they'd have a better chance of raising a healthier child? In the years that they had him were they too obsessed with paying bills and keeping the lights on and so didn't spend enough time with him teaching him how to feel? How to resolve conflict? How to deal with disappointment?

As human beings, we've got to realize that we are complex beings. Nothing is cut and dried. One can succeed at something and be totally deficient at another. OJ was a great football player but he clearly had problems emotionally. John Lennon was a great musician but he couldn't talk to his son. Mozart couldn't communicate with his father. Donald Trump can't be a husband very well.

Emotion should be part of everyone's education and since it's not, we have college students using semi-automatics to feel better about his girlfriend's new beau.

Saturday 14 April 2007

For the Family Types

on 14 Apr : 15:49  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
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Thursday 12 April 2007

Dear Mr. President

on 12 Apr : 10:53  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  

When someone like PINK is writing songs like this, it points to real dissatisfaction with "Dear Leader".

Maybe the Bush "administration" isn't going to get away with it after all.

Via DailyKos
Monday 26 March 2007

David Holt For District 89

on 26 Mar : 20:56  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
We couldn't ask for a more decent person than David Holt for the interim replacement for Beverly Marrero. (We could ask, I suppose, but we damn well couldn't get it.)

Mr. Holt makes his case at his site: Confessions of a West Tennessee Liberal. I urge the Commission to act quickly and decisively in bringing this honorable man to public service.

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