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Friday 17 August 2007

On Herenton's Bid

on 17 Aug : 09:42  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
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One of the only things I've really noticed that I've even wanted to comment on are Herenton's decision to not appear on stage with the other candidates for mayor. From a campaigning standpoint, it is very smart. Why allow them to get on the same stage and have the same stature and standing as him? It just makes sense; however, there will have to come a time when he will have his back against the wall and people will call him a coward for not going on that stage and just shutting down his opponents. That time will come soon if the local stations keep letting Carol Chumney have 8-12 seconds of camera time to poke him with a stick.

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Tee Hee.

One more thing about that mayoral race, I don't think that Herman Morris is a "real" candidate. I don't know the full history of his contact with Willie Herenton or where they stand exactly, but I keep getting the feeling that he is a stalking horse for Willie. Perhaps, just out there to steal focus from Chumney and, to a lesser extent, Willingham (not that he has that much focus on him).

When I went to the Sydney Chism picnic, I noticed Mr. Morris under the pergola there, trying to stay out of the way of people trying to get a burger and looking sort of friendly but also sort of sad and lonely as he smiled at me and nodded. I wanted to talk to him but I just felt like I would be putting him on the spot or something.

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On Desi Franklin's Run For City Council

on 17 Aug : 09:37  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
The other thing I have thought about commenting on is Desi Franklin's City Council run. She's running in District 9, one of those super-districts and I live in it apparently. I checked about who was running against her and I can't remember who it is.

Desi and I have had run-ins on local sites about the local political scene but I usually see her around and we talk briefly and she's always at least cordial. The group she's with MSDIA (which I think I joined at some point when they were passing the list around) is predominantly made up of east Memphis types who happen to be white and could possibly be those ever-elusive "center" types that Harold Ford Jr and the DLC are continually hunting like E Fudd for wabbits. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, I guess.)

But here's the thing, Desi embraced the whole Moulitsas/Armstrong book Crashing The Gate and that's not so much a bad thing. While I believe that she embraced the parts of the book that I really took issue with (the paying of people in the Democratic Party more money the way the Republican Party does in order to keep the talent or whatever AND the endorsing whoever the candidate winds up being no matter who it is as long as he has a D behind his name), overall, the ideas they present are not foreign to those of us of a more liberal slant.

The thing that concerns me with Desi Franklin is where she might land on the Strategy Vs Substance debate. I worry that she might come down on the Strategy side with the DLC'er types who make decisions based on maintaining power/control and how will something play in the next election cycle. My understanding is that she was a "Midtown girl" who moved out east and was a Republican for a while. That sounds like a DLC'er to me.

Even more, if you check out that second mailer at LWC, the first thing that Desi "believes in" is "Partnerships between business and government for increased economic development." And as bob says in the comments there that's just something I don't think Memphis needs any more of.

A perfect analogy comes to mind. Cowboys and horses have a partnership but not until the cowboy goes out and breaks that horse to the bit. Right now, Memphis is a cowboy who has his boot stuck in the stirrup, his head bloodied from hitting rocks and cacti and the horse is running wild in the canyons chasing mares and eating where it wants.

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That ain't a partnership, pardner.

Desi is a nice lady but, for me, I've not seen enough liberal there. (But that's just me.) For now, I'm not making any decisions though.

Wednesday 08 August 2007

Love Thy Will Be Done

on 08 Aug : 09:06  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Though I know next to nothing about Martika other than the songs she known for (Love Thy Will Be Done, Toy Soldiers and the like), each time I hear LTWBD, I'm continually moved by it.

Appealing to that general spirituality that I hold without assigning an entity or dogma to it's existence or value, this song holds out that Love is the way, Positivity is the way and that they will be the guide in all matters earthly and human.

Perhaps I'm ascribing more to it than most would or perhaps should but if listened to closely, I imagine that nearly anyone can attach their own personal beliefs to this song's message and we can all come together in enjoyment and peace.

Love... Thy Will Be Done
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Love... Thy Will Be Done" was the first single released from Martika's second album, Martika's Kitchen, the single produced by Prince reached the top ten of the pop charts in the US, UK and Australia. Prince has performed this song durings his tours in the later 90's. Prince also used a sample of this song for his cover of "One of Us" on his 3-CD set "Emancipation". This song introduced Martika to a more adult contemporary sound than her previous efforts. The single was released on July 25, 1991.

Check video after the jump...
Wednesday 04 July 2007

Happy July 4th Everyone

on 04 Jul : 12:58  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  

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