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Howard Dean To Step Down As DNC Chair

 Brassmask    10 Nov : 13:23
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From Huffington Post:

From Huffington Post:

After four years at the helm of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean is preparing to relinquish his chairmanship.

Dean, who has been serving in the post since 2005, has said in the past that he would serve only one term, though his successful work with the Obama campaign had led some Democrats to wonder whether he would stay on into the next administration. This won't be the case, officials at the DNC confirm. He will serve as chair until his term ends in January. The party will settle on a new head when it hosts a meeting during the week of Obama's inauguration.

The article goes on to explain how its really not his choice and I could easily get the feeling this is simply Emanuel's revenge for Dean having stood up to him over the 50 State Strategy.

The night of the election, Chris Matthews was interviewing Governor Dean and Matthews asked if Dean had gotten any thanks from Obama for laying the groundwork for using the internet and the 50SS. I blurted out that Howard Dean was John The Baptist and Obama was Jesus. Right after I got it out, Matthews made the same exact comparison.

As far as I'm conerned, Howard Dean should receive a major amount of credit for Barack Obama's election. I'm not saying ALL the credit or that Obama owes Barack Obama BIG TIME. I'm just saying, Obama ran on some of the framework that Dean built.

If Obama should want to make Dean a part of his cabinet, I'd be willing to start saying the Pledge of Allegiance again.

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