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Friday 31 October 2008

Spreading The Word

on 31 Oct : 19:27  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Even if one person reads this and it makes them go on the correct date, it's worth it.

Pesky Fly had this up...

from Kerry Hayes, Obama Memphis Campaign.......

There is a rumor circulating among Democrats today that the Shelby County Election Commission has extended voting--to November 5. People are taking this rumor VERY SERIOUSLY, even though it is OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE. If we let this persist, we are going to be complicit in one of the great Democrat voter suppression tricks that the Republicans have ever played. This must not stand!

YOU CAN ONLY VOTE TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 4 -- YOU MUST VOTE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4. Don't let history pass you by, and for crying out loud, don't be tricked by the GOP into losing your voice!

Please, have this announced at any meeting you attend, at your place of worship, or anywhere you can help spread correct information about voting. You can ONLY vote on Tuesday, November 4th in Shelby County. If you know people in the media, pass this on to them, help us get the word out to protect everyone's vote.
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