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Friday 12 October 2007

Al Gore Shares Win In Nobel Peace Prize

on 12 Oct : 08:06  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
GD Brilliant. I hope it means what people have been whispering it might mean.

[ image disabled ]

Via RawStory

The Nobel Peace Prize committee on Friday turned its sights on the battle against climate change by giving the 2007 award to former US vice president Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Gore has reinvented himself as a climate warrior since failing in his bid to become US president in 2000. The IPCC is a UN body of about 3,000 experts which cautiously stepped up pressure on governments by pointing to the human role in steadily mounting global temperatures.
Tuesday 25 September 2007

Rep Marsha Blackburn Gets Slapped Around on National TV

on 25 Sep : 08:49  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Crooks and Liars has the video of MSNBC substitute host David Shuster totally cutting Blackburn off at the knees.

How many times have you read in the last week or so about this dustup over the ad that called Gen. Petreaus General Betrayus and thought "This is the most important thing to talk about right now? I don't think so!"

Well, Shuster has a low threshold for horseshit and he takes Blackburn to the woodshed over it. Poor her. Who doesn't like her so much that they advised her to take this interview on?

Thinking about this situation, it is indicative of the incompetency and vacuous nature of this "administration". In fact, what they are is an insult to the word "administration" even in quotation marks. What they are is somewhere between the words cabal and shadow play.

They try to outsource all the dirty work to maintain plausible denial. If said dirty work fails, then that outsourcer, in this case Blackburn, is simply out there on their own. That outsourcer's problem is their own. They sell the outsourcer on the grand plan, Iraq/War on Terra, and then jazz them up on defending this tiny little front or creating this concocted distraction, in this care the horror of the Moveon ad.

They assume that the press believes everything they say and generally plays along and those who don't are seen as kooks. Shuster used to play along but it seems that he has had enough of playing along or is out to make a name for himself when the pendulum swings back to the other member of the cabal tag team (yeah, that would be Hillary Clinton if you haven't heard).

So, Shuster comes out swinging and bloodies Blackburn's nose right after the bell. Blackburn backs up with that goofy grin fighters get after being hit. (It's involuntary, you know.) She then gets her dander up but Shuster takes her feeble punches then knocks her out.

The aforementioned They now have no problems because everything is theater to them. As long as they continue to have a force in Iraq protecting their oil, it's all cool.
Saturday 15 September 2007

Official Endorsement: Mary Wilder

on 15 Sep : 15:09  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  

Memphis Politicos Miss Point

on 15 Sep : 14:53  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
The most popular Democratic blog in Memphis is without a doubt LeftWingCracker. The guy is an outstanding person and knows his stuff; however, with his endorsement of Carol Chumney he has taken some heat. I, myself, have let him know that I'm not sold on Chumney and she is running an "ABB"campaign the likes of which John Kerry ran in 2004.

This ABB type campaign is fine if people are so enraged that they will march to the polls to de-elect the current officeholder and install a different officeholder. If the election were being held in the same atmosphere as was in effect last year during Thaddeus Matthews' rise to prominence when he was collecting signatures then she might have a real chance. At that time, Herenton was really in the dumper and I'm sure was laying plans for possible mobs stampeding his office.

That was some time ago and Herenton was given some breathing room while others were sent to jail thereby sucking up all the camera time on the local news. He re-grouped and came out all about shakin' off the hatahs and going populist and ignoring the other "candidates" by not showing up to debates.

When I see local politicos arguing about who is the better candidate, I liken it to teenage boys arguing about which of the guys is going to win the next Bum Fight. Sure, there are points to be made about which is less drunk, which is less blind, which has all his toes but, in the end, they're arguing about bums.

Herenton is worthless, we all know that. He's corrupt. He's brash. He's an egomaniac. His only concern is power and being the center of attention. Most everyone would agree he shouldn't be mayor.

Herman Morris, in my estimation, is something of a tool. Meaning, I think he is Herenton's buddy and he's acting as a means to Herenton's ends. He comes off very nice and sometimes passionate but I honestly don't think that anyone is really taking him seriously. Jim Maynard rattled off several groups that have endorsed him but I find it difficult to believe all those groups think he has any real chance.

I have seen many Morris stickers on cars. It could be that a lot of his supporters live near me and I'm seeing the same cars over and over, but then again, maybe they are different cars. I've had some discussion with the wife about whether or not signs, stickers and the like have any effect on political races. I think that they COULD have some effect if someone sees a lot of them and then gets on the bandwagon after investigating the candidate. If people are ABB, then they may think if they throw their support behind this guy who already has some support then a groundswell could come along but i don't see that happening with Morris.

Then there's Chumney. I wish that Carol was everything that everyone wants her to be. She gives off this spitfire image. Cracking down on this, holding these accountable and so forth. That ad at Cracker's site seems positive but none of this quenches the real thirst that all Memphians have. The politics of this race are too much what the race is about.

Memphians thirst for a leader who is going to make positive changes to our lives by improving Memphis for everyone. Memphians are looking for a candidate that will promise to investigate Herenton and every deal done by the city during his "administration". Not just a candidate who will bandaid our cuts or promise to polish our city a little better than Herenton.

More police on the streets will no more stop crime than more body collectors in the dark ages would have stopped the black plague. We've got to raise teacher wages to attract the best teachers in the nation here to teach, not "inner city kids" but Our Kids, Memphis' children. We've got to start jobs programs in this city that put people to work. We've got to turn the corporations that come here to be near the FedEx hub into Memphians. Make them Memphis businesses that pay their fair share in Memphis, not because it gets them advertising but because its the right thing to do.

Government's job is to address the needs of everyone. Is Carol Chumney thinking like that? I don't know. All I can get is that she wants to put more cops on the street.
Saturday 08 September 2007

"...the noise before defeat..."

on 08 Sep : 09:36  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Via Wiki

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Scott Ritter has a new book out called Waging Peace. I've only heard about it today. There is a video at Crooks and Liars of Ritter on CSPAN talking about his book and why he wrote.

He makes wonderful that, in the end, echo my thoughts on how to deal with situations that are on our collective plates i.e. Iraq. In the video, he attempts to make the point that Americans are not anti-war, they are anti-losing the war. He states that if things were going swimmingly in Iraq, 85% of Americans would be in the streets shouting USA, USA, USA!

In a way, I agree with that, but for the most part I disagree with what he is saying about why people are now predominantly anti-war.

In my estimation, it is not because we are losing the war, it is because, we the American people have lost our collective trust of Bush and his cult's motives for invading Iraq (and everything else they have done).

What is happening in Iraq is not a war. A war is between two nations who have armies and a dispute like one doesn't want the other to invade or one wants to stop the other killing major portions of its own people.

If Bush had just wanted to take out Saddam Hussein as the tyrannical ruler of Iraq then there were simpler, less bloody avenues available to Bush to accomplish this goal. Over the years, the CIA has assassinated several leaders of other nations. No one is untouchable, I don't care what they say about how great Saddam's security was.

Further, there was no way that Saddam could have done anything other than just sit on a log in Iraq. We had his airspace clamped down, he was trapped. The right sat for decades on Russia during the Cold War and they had free rein and way more nuclear warheads than us. Iraq had squat. Even if they had ONE nuclear warhead (and they didn't), so what? Saddam was crazier and more apt to push the button on a whim than Kruzchev who parked a bunch them 90 miles offshore of Florida? Come on.

Ritter is right though particularly with the statement that if you are anti-war, you must be in conflict with those who are PRO-war. This is why I become angry with Hillary and her ilk from the DLC like Lieberman. They are not anti-war. I don't believe they just love invading countries and watching Americans die for the heck of it. I think they are pro-something else. To be intellectually honest, I can only state that I have no idea what that something else is. I could use conjecture and list several things I believe it could be but, in the end, I don't know for sure.

The possible something else's would include the interests of those who run huge corporations and conglomerates out to increase power through financial success by taking power in the form of money from others who have way less power in the form of money in turn giving them something meaningless like Cokes or gasoline.

They could also include the interests of those who believe that there really is a god and in his omnipotence he find those whose happen to call themselves Jews his most favorite pets on his little ball of dirt in the infinite universe and that their 9,000 square miles is the most precious piece of dirt in all the universe since it is to be the site of his son's Second Coming and so it must be protected from anyone who claims to have rightful ownership.

They could also include that person's personal egotistical interests such as having their name in all the history books.

It is the alleged sentiment of wanting to bring people together that is the problem. My opinion is that there is inherent balance to everything in the universe. To every action there is an equal and opposition reaction. Our goal in life should be to, not to restrain from actions that have reactions but to endeavor to act in such a manner that will produce positive reactions. It's hard to do and we don't always do it. I am just now, in my own life, nearly halfway through, actually trying to do it.

In that train of thought of balance and actions versus reactions, when considering the invasion of Iraq, it can only be termed a negative action. While it is true that a negative action can, in some way, provoke a positive reaction, it is an hollow positive for the exchange is unnecessary and creates imbalance somewhere else other than the prevalent positive reaction.

In the case of the invasion of Iraq (please, let's try to stop calling it a war, it's not a war), the negative action is the invasion. The only visible reaction has been the rejection of that invasion by most of the known world and the flaccid attempts to stop the ongoing occupation and death and destruction wrought in the wake of the invasion. The negative continues daily, hourly, but the minute and second. Somewhere there should be some kind of positive reaction to all that negative.

Where is it?

The Right would try to make everyone believe that positive reaction is to be found in the alleged "freedom" of Iraqis from Saddam's cruelty or that the world is somehow "safer" since Saddam can't "support terrorism" or continue his "wmd program-related activities".

Others who distrust Bush and his "administration" (like myself) would have everyone believe the positive is to be found in the increase in wealth among corporate executives who got fat government contracts that resulted in giant bundles of cash just being driven up to the executives' houses and dumped on their lawns; but that is not an equal reaction to the horror of the negative that was perpetrated to provoke that reaction, ergo the discontent with the predominance of the world with the invasion and Bush and his cronies.

When you increase the invasion of Iraq to the power of 9/11, only then do you see the truly mind-boggling negative that has been wrought not by one simple man named Bush, but by a truly infinitesimal portion of the world's population. For consider had another person (perhaps even another person who like Bush might be controlled by a small group of other powerful people) been in the White House on that fateful day when all the world would have moved in the direction asked by person after the attack. Consider had that person, on his own or at the behest of his controllers, reacted positively rather than negatively for all the world.

Wednesday 05 September 2007

Movie Recommendation (political)

on 05 Sep : 08:20  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  

Very much hit home for me since it was basically what me and my buddy, Ray, wanted to do when we were in the same life in 2002.

Very much recommend it and supporting your local indie film scene.

Supporting Steve Cohen

on 05 Sep : 00:08  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Here's a good reason...

Understands that medical marijuana is not a threat to anyone and that his own city is being ravaged by drugs that actually ARE threats to everyone.

I'd much rather see a bunch of giggling people high on pot and ordering pizzas than a bunch of drunk rednecks starting fights "just 'cause".

Furthermore, if people get relief from the horrors of cancer and aids from smoking a plant, what is the problem, people? How is that somehow worse than giving those same people huge doses of some drug that is made from the same plant as heroin?

Would you feel better if they were just drinking a bottle scotch every day?
Tuesday 04 September 2007

Supporting Steve Cohen

on 04 Sep : 23:58  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Here's a good reason...

I can't imagine Nikki Tinker making these points as concisely.

Can you?

Delusional Talk From Bill Richardson

on 04 Sep : 22:35  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Clearly, it has to be delusion because A) he's saying that Iowa should continue f'ing up the world for the rest of us by continually being hyped as the be-all, know-all of voting blocs who "spend time with the candidates" and "really give them a going over" and B) because he says it has to do with "the Lord". Clearly, two major delusions.

Via PoliticalWire:

Quote of the Day
"Iowa, for good reason, for constitutional reasons, for reasons related to the Lord, should be the first caucus and primary."

-- New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D), quoted by the Des Moines Register.

I thought he might be a good second tier candidate but he's pretty much relegated himself to assclown territory with this.

[ image disabled ]

More of This, Less Happy BS Talk

on 04 Sep : 22:27  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  

We need to see more people on the web and the tv and in the movies who are talking like this kid.

Until we someone getting really heated about the issues that matter in this world like global warming, corruption/money in politics, corporate greed, etc, we are never going to see any change.

As long as those who profit and maintain a powerbase as long as those issues go unresolved think that those of us who want these problems to come to an absolute screeching halt immediately and that we're really pissed about it and are not predictable or cowed, they are never going to allow it to stop.

They will waffle and dodge and equivocate and assassinate characters and draw up false documents and use their power to shut up or relegate to the nether regions.

If they see more and more people not making jokes and not nervously laughing about the situation and just shrugging while saying "whattyagonnado?", they will slowly start to piss their collective pants.

We've reached the point where those of us on the liberal side are not going to get what is right for this world without breaking a few eggs.

That goes for national as well as local.
Thursday 23 August 2007

Even More and More Important

on 23 Aug : 10:01  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
If you've never watched the amazing and magnificent film MAGNOLIA by Paul Thomas Anderson, you are cheating yourself.

How many deathbed confessions have been in movies? Thousands? Deathbed redemptions, coming to realizations and reliefs in the final moments of reality.

So many scenes like that yet none like this.

Robards was actually dying when he shot MAGNOLIA. They arranged for him to be in bed for the whole of his shoot because he was on oxygen. He only had one more movie come out before he died. That scene is beautiful.

And its message is heartfelt and true. Regret is an endless pit sometimes but there is nothing wrong with regretting what you view as a mistake and learning from it.
In the film GRAND CANYON, Steve Martin's character, Davis, says, "That's part of your problem: you haven't seen enough movies. All of life's riddles are answered in the movies." This is true.

Movies are a sort of continually re-written, re-told religious text. Watch enough of them and a scene for every scenario or aspect of life is available. Feel jealous of those who are better at whatever you love to do? Watch AMADEUS:

Worried about the truths and secrets of actual PARENTHOOD?

Watch a movie this weekend and see if you get what I'm saying.
Wednesday 22 August 2007

Now, That's a Team, Gentleman

on 22 Aug : 09:32  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Some great acting and such...

Sunday 19 August 2007

For the Family Types

on 19 Aug : 22:10  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
0582.jpgI've been roundly chastised and harassed for not updating the Grandparental units with their Benjamin fixes.

So, here's some I took today when he was whacked out on sugar.

Simple snapshot of him just grinnin'...

[ image disabled ]

One to show the prom date...

[ image disabled ]

Sweet and sweet...(too bad he's the devil...)

[ image disabled ]

Here's he's about to say "I'm tired of taking pictures...let's fight." That's his new favorite thing: fighting/hitting. Too much of that damned Justice League...

[ image disabled ]

Saturday 18 August 2007

Local Newsman May Be A Hacker

on 18 Aug : 14:59  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
This has potential blockbuster written all over it.

It would not surprise me that NewsCorp is using its peoples' computers and email addresses to conduct metaphorical warfare on internet sites they see as potentially threatening to their hold on the "news" and what stories the "people" get.

Even more blockbusting is the potential that even local news types are in on it or being directed.

[ image disabled ]

First Wikipedia and now this….Slashdot has some info…Drew Curtis believes FOX hacked him…

The first rule of hacking, after all, is “Don’t get caught.” And Fox newsman Darrell Phillips may have broken that rule, says Drew Curtis. Curtis, left, is the founder of, a thoroughly juvenile, and entertaining, social news site where users pick the headlines. Phillips, to his right, is the new media manager at WHBQ Fox13, a News Corp.-owned TV station in Memphis, Tenn. And Curtis claims to have assembled all-but-conclusive electronic evidence that Phillips has tried to hack into Fark’s servers, potentially breaking several laws…read on

Friday 17 August 2007

Just A Note On Not Posting

on 17 Aug : 09:42  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Apologies to everyone who checks in here regulare'. Several factors have been contributing to my not posting of late.

My new job has me on a really weird schedule, 11am - 8pm. So, my mornings are usually either getting Benjamin and/or myself to school and work respectively with little to no rushing or I'm cleaning house before I just go on to work or I'm trying to get something done that I usually get done in the evenings with a regular schedule.

On top of that, my stupid keyboard went on the Mac AGAIN and I just haven't had either the money, the initiative or the time to go get a new one. That's a hard one for the family types especially because all new photos flow from the Mac since I use IPhoto. I've considered getting a cheapy usb keyboard and just making do but even when I've been in someplace where I could get one, when I have it in my hand, it just feels wrong. I should be able to take care of that issue this weekend maybe and get things back to normal there.

Also, I have been a little sickly. I went in a couple of weeks ago to get checked out for an impending sinus infection. Often, when I get that feeling that I'm heading down that road, I'll just try to muscle through but I have to talk on the phone all day and when my voice is hoarse, it really makes it hard to work so I just went on to the doctor and got a sinus cocktail and loaded up with my regular regimen of Ciprol, a decongestant and a cough syrup that is like horse tranquilizers.

So, apparently, either I forgot or never knew, that Ciprol will kick your ass if you don't drink like a gallon of water every day and it is super-de-hydrating. Well, it's been like 100 degrees in Memphis for the last couple of weeks or whatever and last Saturday night was my birthday, so I had some cocktails with dinner at Texas de Brazil after having run around all day in the heat. Then I got up the next morning and wanted to plant some plants and such and just couldn't get rolling on it once I was outside, so I just came in and took a load off.

In the evening, I started feeling like I was coming down with a hangover. Being a recovering binge drinker, I knew that I never had a hangover start later in the day like that, I usually woke up with one. Also, I hadn't really had that much to drink, just a couple of pornographic Martinis and two White Russians at the hotel bar we went to afterwards. Plus, I had really downed a lot of water during dinner. So, wtf?

The next morning, Monday, I was wrecked. Eyeballs aching, legs aching, back aching, slightly dizzy, nauseus et al. But I felt I couldn't miss work again so I sucked it up and went on in. (No AC in car, you know.) By my lunch, I was asking to leave. My boss was like, "Are you sure? Don't you just wanna finish out the day?" I said, "Let me go ralph in the bathroom and then I'll come back and see where I stand." I went to the bathroom, didn't ralph and just came back and got on the phone. By 6pm, I was done. I just told my boss, sorry, I gotta go. Got home and got in the bed and sweated all night whilst tossing and turning.

Tuesday, I didn't feel any better. I drank Gatorade and water all day. Took three shots of Airborne and started coming around a little. Late in the day, as I was thinking that M was going to be coming home soon, I was thinking of how when I'm truly hung over, a good breakfast with fatty sausage or perhaps some Krystals will usually assuage that pounding head and nausea of a hangover. So, I called M and said, "Don't come home without fried chicken for dinner."

So, I had my two piece dinner from Widow Pyrtle's. Let me tell ya, it was like Jesus had stroked my brow. An hour later, I wasn't healed completely but I felt 80% better. Something about greasy food helps with dehydration. (I should Google that.)

Another thing that has been sort of keeping me from posting is just an utter lack of anything worth saying. I haven't really been paying attention to the local scene like I want to. And the national scene is really causing me to have too many thoughts of violent overthrow and utter hopelessness.

I still check my blogroll every day and check out what everyone is talking about. There seems, locally speaking, to be a lull right now, I think because of the heat, no one is going out and mixing it up.

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