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Friday 17 August 2007

On Herenton's Bid

on 17 Aug : 09:42  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
[ image disabled ]

One of the only things I've really noticed that I've even wanted to comment on are Herenton's decision to not appear on stage with the other candidates for mayor. From a campaigning standpoint, it is very smart. Why allow them to get on the same stage and have the same stature and standing as him? It just makes sense; however, there will have to come a time when he will have his back against the wall and people will call him a coward for not going on that stage and just shutting down his opponents. That time will come soon if the local stations keep letting Carol Chumney have 8-12 seconds of camera time to poke him with a stick.

[ image disabled ]
Tee Hee.

One more thing about that mayoral race, I don't think that Herman Morris is a "real" candidate. I don't know the full history of his contact with Willie Herenton or where they stand exactly, but I keep getting the feeling that he is a stalking horse for Willie. Perhaps, just out there to steal focus from Chumney and, to a lesser extent, Willingham (not that he has that much focus on him).

When I went to the Sydney Chism picnic, I noticed Mr. Morris under the pergola there, trying to stay out of the way of people trying to get a burger and looking sort of friendly but also sort of sad and lonely as he smiled at me and nodded. I wanted to talk to him but I just felt like I would be putting him on the spot or something.

[ image disabled ]

On Desi Franklin's Run For City Council

on 17 Aug : 09:37  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
The other thing I have thought about commenting on is Desi Franklin's City Council run. She's running in District 9, one of those super-districts and I live in it apparently. I checked about who was running against her and I can't remember who it is.

Desi and I have had run-ins on local sites about the local political scene but I usually see her around and we talk briefly and she's always at least cordial. The group she's with MSDIA (which I think I joined at some point when they were passing the list around) is predominantly made up of east Memphis types who happen to be white and could possibly be those ever-elusive "center" types that Harold Ford Jr and the DLC are continually hunting like E Fudd for wabbits. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, I guess.)

But here's the thing, Desi embraced the whole Moulitsas/Armstrong book Crashing The Gate and that's not so much a bad thing. While I believe that she embraced the parts of the book that I really took issue with (the paying of people in the Democratic Party more money the way the Republican Party does in order to keep the talent or whatever AND the endorsing whoever the candidate winds up being no matter who it is as long as he has a D behind his name), overall, the ideas they present are not foreign to those of us of a more liberal slant.

The thing that concerns me with Desi Franklin is where she might land on the Strategy Vs Substance debate. I worry that she might come down on the Strategy side with the DLC'er types who make decisions based on maintaining power/control and how will something play in the next election cycle. My understanding is that she was a "Midtown girl" who moved out east and was a Republican for a while. That sounds like a DLC'er to me.

Even more, if you check out that second mailer at LWC, the first thing that Desi "believes in" is "Partnerships between business and government for increased economic development." And as bob says in the comments there that's just something I don't think Memphis needs any more of.

A perfect analogy comes to mind. Cowboys and horses have a partnership but not until the cowboy goes out and breaks that horse to the bit. Right now, Memphis is a cowboy who has his boot stuck in the stirrup, his head bloodied from hitting rocks and cacti and the horse is running wild in the canyons chasing mares and eating where it wants.

[ image disabled ]

That ain't a partnership, pardner.

Desi is a nice lady but, for me, I've not seen enough liberal there. (But that's just me.) For now, I'm not making any decisions though.

Wednesday 08 August 2007

Love Thy Will Be Done

on 08 Aug : 09:06  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Though I know next to nothing about Martika other than the songs she known for (Love Thy Will Be Done, Toy Soldiers and the like), each time I hear LTWBD, I'm continually moved by it.

Appealing to that general spirituality that I hold without assigning an entity or dogma to it's existence or value, this song holds out that Love is the way, Positivity is the way and that they will be the guide in all matters earthly and human.

Perhaps I'm ascribing more to it than most would or perhaps should but if listened to closely, I imagine that nearly anyone can attach their own personal beliefs to this song's message and we can all come together in enjoyment and peace.

Love... Thy Will Be Done
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Love... Thy Will Be Done" was the first single released from Martika's second album, Martika's Kitchen, the single produced by Prince reached the top ten of the pop charts in the US, UK and Australia. Prince has performed this song durings his tours in the later 90's. Prince also used a sample of this song for his cover of "One of Us" on his 3-CD set "Emancipation". This song introduced Martika to a more adult contemporary sound than her previous efforts. The single was released on July 25, 1991.

Check video after the jump...
Wednesday 04 July 2007

Happy July 4th Everyone

on 04 Jul : 12:58  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  

[ image disabled ]

[ image disabled ]
Thursday 28 June 2007

Last One I Promise

on 28 Jun : 08:04  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
I just realized that with this post, I've got like three or four anti-Hillary posts up so I'll try to temper that tomorrow.

This is really a pro-Gore post for the most part but I wanted to start it off with:

That sound you heard was the sound of Hillary's heart dropping to her stomach after someone handed her this poll.

From PoliticalWire:

Clinton Leads in New Hampshire but Gore Would Win

A new Suffolk University poll in New Hampshire shows Sen. Hillary Clinton leading among likely primary voters with 37% support, followed by Sen. Barack Obama with 19%, John Edwards at 9%, and Bill Richardson at 9%.

Key finding: "The only obstacle for Clinton in the Democratic primary is Al Gore. Twenty-nine percent of Clinton voters would switch to Gore if he announced for president, and when all of the switches from other Democratic candidates were recalculated, Gore would defeat Clinton."
Tuesday 26 June 2007

How GD Stupid Is This Guy?

on 26 Jun : 14:21  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Quote of the Day
"You know, I've heard all the rhetoric -- you've heard it, too -- about how this is amnesty. Amnesty means that you've got to pay a price for having been here illegally, and this bill does that."

-- President Bush, quoted by ABC News, suggesting the immigration bill does provide amnesty after months of claiming otherwise. The apparent slip of the tongue comes with a key Senate vote on the issue later today.
Monday 25 June 2007

Hillary-lovers Take Heed

on 25 Jun : 22:31  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Democratic Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel spells it all out for you like I've been trying to for months now...

I suggest you read the whole short and sweet morsel.

Here's a whiff:
Hillary, as an active supporter of the war, you are one of many Americans who are guilty. And now all Americans are left responsible, regardless of whether we supported or opposed he war. When we pull out, our hands will drip with the blood of the tens of thousands of American casualties and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead. The Iraqi government didn't start this, we did.

Saturday 23 June 2007

Is Michael Moore Running To Be My Own Personal Jesus?

on 23 Jun : 07:26  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
My cynical side wants to think that he's out to promote a movie.

But the hopeful side of me wants to cheer...

"No, Harvey. I gotta do the right thing."

-- Filmmaker Michael Moore, quoted by the Washington Post, when Clinton donor and movie mogul Harvey Weinstein "begged" him to remove a scene from Sicko "exposing Hillary Clinton as the second-highest recipient of campaign donations from the health-care industry."

[ image disabled ]

Dems Sweating Spoilers

on 23 Jun : 07:17  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
Or Substance v Strategy discussion #293829832

Check out sweet, old Uncle Harkin from Iowa...

Bonus Quote of the Day
"Mr. Bloomberg, whom I don't know real well -- I've met him a few times -- kind of reminds me of the little rich kid that if he can't have it his way he's going to take his little balls and go home."

-- Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), quoted by the Iowa Independent, on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, if you have been under a rock for the past three days and don't know, is the subject of rampant rumor. The buzz is he is considering throwing half a billion dollars behind an independent run for the White House. Such is his right as a US citizen and billionaire.

Now, conventional wisdom at first blush was that since Bloomberg was elected mayor of New York as a Republican he would then, with his presidential bid, attract GOP voters and thus be a spoiler for them. That seems to hold but Zogby had this to say...

..."My polling shows he would likely take more votes from the Democrat than the Republican. Those who consider themselves part of that growing 'moderate' political class are 38% Democrats, 25% Republicans, and 38% independents."

This may account for the Dems offering up old Unky Harkin to start the ball rolling on a Democratic Party takedown of Bloomberg.

But just a day or two agone, Kos had this to say...

SUSA polled Bloomberg's impact on the presidential race (iffy this far out, of course) in 16 states. They used hypothetical matchups between Romney, Giuliani, and Thompson (poor McCain, ignored), against Democrats Clinton and Obama. With few exceptions, Bloomberg helps Democrats -- flipping Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, and New Mexico. With Romney on the ticket for Republicans, Bloomberg could help Democrats pick up Alabama, Texas, and Virginia.

If Bloomberg and Unite08 want to give disaffected Republicans something else to vote for, then they can be my guest.

You see, the Kossacks haven't been paying attention to Bloomberg because he was considered a threat to the GOP. Watch for an onslaught on Bloomberg today and through the weekend.

What the Kossacks have been busying themselves with the last week is taking turns kicking around their old whipping boy, Ralph Nader. You know the guy who "gave us George Bush by playing spoiler in the 2000 election".

That old chestnut is nothing more than revisionist history on the part of consultants in DC which the blogosphere consultant wannabes have picked up and placed in their litany of Unshakable "Truths". The Reality, of course, is that there were more registered Democrats that voted for Bush than Nader but no one ever gives them grief because they might become registered Independents or worse if they did get grief.

Here again the Strategy side of Democracy.

This is where the two parties are exactly alike. If there is a chance that some third party might, lordy forbid, give voters another choice and thus take a share of the market from one of the Big Two, they jump on them with both feet hoping to nip it all in the bud.

What's worse is the fear among middle and lower tiered party bosses and activists that the other party might get power is so utterly pervasive (and perpetuated by consultants and upper tiered party bosses) that everyone immediately screws themselves democratically by going along with the preemptive bud nipping thus insuring a homogenized, bland, impotent candidate for each of the Big Two that barely half of the eligible voters can feel bothered about enough to go out and cast a ballot.

For, you see, the bosses of the Big Two are not interested in fostering voter participation or democracy in the United States because that might lead to one of them not being in power and that could cut into the big bosses' take.

Those who jump on third party candidates as spoilers are spoilers for democracy. Those jumpers may delude themselves in their terror at not being in control by saying that the other party will take control and blah, blah, blah but nonetheless, they are spoilers for democracy.

Americans tend to view everything through the prism of capitalism. They want more result for less work. They want to use leverage to increase production. This translates in terms of democracy negatively to more votes can only be had not by appealing to more voters on problems all Americans face but splitting the market between two conglomerates.

The reason this is the way it shakes out in a capitalist democracy (not appealing to all voters across the board but rather arguing over divisive points like gods, guns and gays) is because if you addressed the common concerns of all voters, that would be a socialist democracy. The issues there would not be in the interests of corporations (and those who own/run them) whose only purpose BY LAW is to make MORE money for their investors. For, you see, that the actual issues faced by all Americans are the issues that corporations make the most money on.

Every voter has to eat. Every voter wants an education, a decent job, an education for their child. Every voter wants to have a home. Every voter would like a car. Every voter wants a healthy, clean environment. Every voter wants less crime. Every voter wants health care.

But these issues have the air of socialism about them. The reason being that if these needs were being met collectively, that would would lead to a healthy society where the divisive issues like gods, guns and gays would be hashed out without fanfare because no one would feel threatened or insecure.

Americans are sick of strategy. They are weary of voting against the "other". Every American aches to cast a vote for a candidate they believe in without a cynical thought in their head as they leave the polling place. More viable parties are one solution.

But if one of the Big Two put up someone who was addressing real, "on the ground" issues, that would help a lot.
Wednesday 20 June 2007

Ill-Conceived At Best

on 20 Jun : 07:47  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  

The Sopranos was a very popular show. A lot of people, including myself, loved it. The last episode had record-setting viewing and was highly memorable. Good for The Sopranos.

One can only think that these were the ideas in the minds of those who either consult for the Clintons or in the minds of the Clintons themselves. Either way, it is indicative of the vulgar and morally retarded thinking of ambitious, power-hungry corporatists.

For to those types, all the matters is eyeballs. Content is never the consideration unless it leads to more eyeballs viewing their medium and hopefully absorbing their advertising. Clearly, this advertisement is designed to attract eyeballs.

There are many reasons to tune in and check out this advertisement for the Clinton product. Just a couple here.

1) The Oh S#!+ Factor: "Did you hear the Clintons made a video in which they basically play the Sopranos?!?!" Clinton detractors will click asap to see that. This is clear to me because I am a Clinton detractor and when I saw the link, I immediately clicked and watched.

2) The So Cool Factor: "Did you hear the Clintons made a video in which they play the Sopranos, sort of? They're so cool." Clinton lovers will tune in because the Clintons can do know wrong and the lovers will beam with gooey goodness to see Bill in that short sleeve shirt walking in like the boss of the "family" but then letting his beloved wife deny him the onion rings he craves because she's "looking out for him". 'Cause they're just so cool like the Sopranos.

There will be many reasons for different people to watch the advertisement. Some may actually give a good god damn what Hillary's campaign song turned out to be. (SPOILER: It's "You and I" by Celine Dion, good lord.) Some may be big fans of that guy who played Johnnie Sacks on The Sopranos. Whatever the reasons, the Clintons will get some clicks and eyeballs.

This, however, will be the extent of the prowess they have exhibited. Yes, they have shown that they can make decisions that will attract eyeballs but aside from that they have also shown that they are willing to embrace anything if it will attract eyeballs.

In their feverishly ambitious minds, the negative connotations of themselves in a video playing parts that mimic a though somewhat "normal", loving MAFIA family outweighs the opportunity to gather eyeballs. That is a case that some may be able to accept. In fact, this blogger could be convinced it was worthwhile if they had only used that opportunity to convey some great idea, some major plan, something worthwhile if you will.

But they don't. They embrace the ensuing comparisons between a fictional crime family and themselves to tell us about their campaign song. Their campaign song that Sopranos viewers (clearly viewers who like their entertainment a little more visceral, a little more rough, a little more edgy) might consider cringe-worthy.

The Clintons have enough people who are more than willing to call them a crime family without them making it easier to call them a crime family but to them, inviting more of this insinuation is merely an opportunity for more eyeball gathering. Any attention is good attention. Any publicity is good publicity.

The message, the content is negligible as long as their are butts in the seats (A.K.A. people pulling the right lever [insert sexual Bill Clinton joke here] {insert second sexual Bill Clinton joke here} A.K.A buying their "product"). They are in the same seat with movie execs of sinking studios. They must get people in the theatres seeing their movies. "If people will see HOSTEL II, then by god, let's make it and when we think there's too much blood double it! As long as we make $100 million in two weeks!"

Readers of this blog will find this no surprise that I am no fan of the Clintons, some might actually call me hostile towards them but I am continually beset by good and decent people who are blind, willfully or not, to the duplicitous nature of the Clintons, to their willingness to work with Bush and the neo-cons.

Hillary Clinton gets some airtime and claims she is going to get everyone free health care and her willing support of the illegal invasion of Iraq is nearly moot to those who are straining to live month to month on a fixed income in order to maintain their medical needs. The Clintons are no fools. They know this.

They know like Tony Soprano knows that you will pay him his money because you can't bear his Pauly Walnuts coming around to beat on your kneecaps with a baseball bat.
Friday 15 June 2007

Utter Genius

on 15 Jun : 18:08  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  

You May Want To Get Yourself A Cup Of Coffee Or A Sandwich Or Something

on 15 Jun : 02:00  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
So, I'm in the store buying a Coke and look down and see the newspaper and it has this picture on the front of it.

[ image disabled ]

And in big letters: Mayoral Sex Plot?

And under my breath, I say, "What tha fuuuuuu....?"

I had scanned the post at LWC at work today but hadn't really thought much about it. I had assumed it was some kind of nonsense that Thaddeus had been spreading and it was just spreading through the blogosphere like these bizarre rumors do locally. Usually, you can track these things down to Thaddeus' site and that usually dismisses it for me but when I picked up the paper (to buy it!), I felt this was bigger than the comments section of Memphis' bizarro blog.

Got to the house and got sidetracked for the evening and before I knew it, the 10 o'clock news was on WMC and this story was the freaking lead with TEAM COVERAGE! I'm like, "Come on, guys, wtf?" I hadn't read the CA article yet so there were details that I didn't know and it just kept getting crazier.

Now, any reader of this blog knows that I am wide open to what is derogatorily referred to as "conspiracy theory". I prefer the term parapolitics or deep politics. Anyone who believes that LBJ gave the ok or silent order that resulted in Dallas, November 22, 1963 should have no problem believing that a group of whiteys could get together and convince a poor, young African-American to take money to bring down a mayor. Yes, I could believe it.


This just doesn't pass the sniff test for me. I have problems with the story, the timing, the obviousness of some of the details and just the overall convenience of it for Herenton. Let me give some points that seem weird to me.

1.) According to the Commercial Appeal today, Gwendolyn Smith was paid $2000 a month from January to March. Now that seems to coincide, oh so perfectly with Jackson Baker's column in the Memphis Flyer that said two polls show that Herenton lagged behind Chumney among Memphians on March 28. It just makes too much sense that upon hearing this "good news" (from polls of which one he, himself conducted!) that Fields would (presumably) scrap his nefarious plans to ruin the BACHELOR mayor's career by producing a tape of said mayor having consensual sex with an attractive young lady. (And if this was the case, then is it a crime to pay a young lady to be on call for something that presumably never occurred?)

B.) There's a little too much clockwork precision to how this is all rolling out. Till this morning, having foregone reading Thaddeus' blog due to the lack of continued excellence, I had not one inkling that this story was out there. I daresay most Memphians had any inkling till they were buying their cup a joe at the Tiger Market and got a gander at Gwendolyn. Then out steps Willie with arrogant poise and utterly uncharacteristic humility to deliver extensive prepared remarks and to make a complete U-TURN from his regular style of campaigning. What world are we living in when Willie Herenton, longtime friend of the Rich White Development Devils of Memphis plays The Race Card in ways that would give a Lazarus-like Johnnie Cochran pause?

While it remains to be seen if Herenton, in his bid to stay in the only political office he now knows he can ever hope to hold with his current name, face and record, will convince the largest faction of the electorate of Memphis (who have only recently taken the time to actually pay attention to those they have elected and not liked what they themselves have wrought) that Whitey is about to take over this city with plans (Herenton would have them believe) hatched behind those softly-lit windows in the mansions that line Walnut Grove between Highland and I-240 (where all the whiteys of Memphis live richly! [unlike you]) and the only way to stop it is to take a stand against them by electing him AGAIN as their oh so industrious, strong black leader (as he recovers from the oh so grievous wound struck on him) in a good old fashioned Race War, it is immediately known to this blogger that I am hoping for the best, bracing for the worst.

(Rant: The people get the government they deserve. If Memphians want to support a liar and a ne'erdowell like Willie Herenton simply because of his epidermis' pigmentation, then they should do so but let them not balk when he continues to count on that support as he draws more corporations to Memphis to nuzzle up to FedEx's hub for faster distribution of their widgets and to rake in Memphis' under-educated, impoverished, abuse-abiding labor pool. They'll make out like gangbusters, build the stadiums they need to watch whatever sports they like and drop some dough on the charitable tip, but that won't compare to the money they'll save on taxes. And those corporate types will howl and marvel that all that needed to happen to make it all possible was for some mayor to play the race card, get re-elected, sell out that electorate to the corporate types and launder that mayor's payoffs through development buddies who build stadiums that no one wants or can afford to frequent regularly because the only jobs they can get pay very little an hour to bust your ass stacking packages in trailers that get up to 120 degrees at midnight in August. If pigmentation is so important, then have at it. The people get the government they deserve.)

&.) Herenton's speech is uses textbook victimhood: snakes, MLK, conspiracy, rich white devils out to get poor old Willie, religious fervor and conviction. He's just nucking futs. Even if he was being set up, this speech just makes him seem crazier to me. He pours it on really thick. So thick, I may be surprised if anyone buys it. He claims to have written Alberto Gonzales (Good Grief!) in hopes of getting everyone to investigate it. Herenton indicts EVERYONE who he probably perceives as "out to get him". The guy from MLGW who claims he was nearly blackmailed. An agent of the FBI, the law enforcement arm who may or may not be investigating Herenton's illegal doings.

Willie dared to compare himself to MLK. Let MLK's words strike at Herenton from the pages of history. Willie hopes to turn people who happen to have black skin against the Memphis minority of people who happen to have white skin.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Martin Luther King, August 28, 1963

Is Willie wanting to be judged as Dr King dreamed that his children would someday be judged? Is Willie wanting Memphians to judge him by the content of his character or is he hoping that the people who happen to have black skin will vote for him after having judged him by the color of his skin?

And then there is Richard Fields.

Now, here's where we get into possible Looking Glass territory. No doubt in my mind that Fields is capable of such a plot. Just in my brief period of political junkiehood, I've come to sense his nature. Fields used to be best buddies with Herenton but they've fallen out of favor allegedly. And I can't imagine a man who tries to conceal his involvement in a political mailing would implicate himself by going to a dealership and trying to draw Russell Gwatney into a shady deal like the CA alleges.

At times, Fields strikes me as an agreeable hippy type who was a lawyer for the NAACP or whatever and will work with whoever he feels will make something happen. By the same token, sometimes Fields has struck me as somewhat devious opportunistic kingmaker-wannabe with money and, like Gordon Gano, "digs the black girls". Whatever he is, I wouldn't trust him under most circumstances. He has this cloud of untrustworthiness around him like Pigpen.

But one thing about Fields I have sensed is that he's no dummy and a sex tape scheme to sink Herenton (a BACHELOR, remember?) just seems flat out dumb. It would make more sense to get hard evidence of Herenton's illegal operations within government that spell out how he's stealing Memphians' money. It would make more sense to stand out in front of MLGW with some kind of paper just showing it to people. I mean, this is freaking Memphis. Whoever balked at all the bastard Ford children? When Herenton's illegitimate kid hit the papers, nobody freaking batted an eye! If anything a sex tape with a hot young co-ed strip club "waitress" would probably HELP Herenton among young male voters. Fields would know this.

Also, Fields was on the inside with Herenton. He probably knows where some of the bodies are buried. At the very least, he would know who's backyard to start digging in. A sex tape? Come on, who are they kidding with this mess? We'll find out tomorrow night when one of the local news shows does some man-in-the-street segments.

When the wife and I were batting it around earlier tonight, we came to the conclusion that, as with all stories like this, the truth lies not in one camp or t'other but somewhere in between with a foot in each possibly. A likely scenario is that a lot of the stuff is true but patchworked together completely out of context for political expediency.

Fields may have floated the idea of ensnaring Herenton with Smith present or even to her. Perhaps he posed it jokingly and it grew from there. Fields then gave her money possibly for that reason (I doubt it) but more than likely to simply help her out or as payment for "favors" and then when he grew weary of her she remembered his "joke" and started relating that tale to her friends and building on it as she railed against Fields for not paying her bills after "he got what he wanted".

This story then made its way around the local interweb backrooms before landing in front of Thaddeus who then checked out aspects of the story and posted about those aspects. His blog is monitored daily by Memphis government types who got it over to Herenton's office who, though corrupt and mad are also not so dumb, saw an opportunity to settle so many scores and turn the campaign around by becoming the victim.

Agnosticism must be applied to all theories. It is very well possible that Herenton's camp could be behind the whole situation after having found someone who had their own axes to grind and whose involvement in this scheme to claim victimhood for Herenton was only natural and self-serving.

Then it could be that Fields and Herenton are working together to get Willie re-elected.

It would be fun to say that this is making the race exciting but the stakes are too high to allow myself that bit of fun. Memphis is suffering through a slow motion social Katrina. This story is metaphorically tantamount to Bush's guitar playing picture.

We're seeing crime slowly becoming a major employment option. We're precariously poised to be pushed into a race war of our elected officials' choosing, a social version of the Iraq war where a small handful believe they stand to make history with the small price (in their minds) of the metaphorical Memphian blood of the great unwashed who burn with unnecessary fires of hatred fanned unnecessarily by those aforementioned elected officials.

This exercise of postulating on who stands with whom because of who was wronged by which is exactly the same gambit used by every corrupt, useless leader who understood that due to his lack of vision, strength, fortitude, intellect, guts, leadership skills or whatever, he could never hope to have the whole of the electorate nor even a large majority of the mass vote him into office so he immediately set to work pitting the electorate's many compartmentalized factions against one another based on their one or two fervently defended differences.

Those fervently held differences have never once been major crises that have faced a united electorate. If Saddam had been a real threat to the US, no one would have questioned the invasion. Very few questioned the US involvement to stem Hitler's rolling invasion. He was killing 6 million Jews! Undeniable, ergo a nearly universally united electorate/citizenry. Saddam was contained ergo not so united, more like really divided. Truth unites an electorate not Marketing Campaigns. Truth doesn't need its sizzle sold.

Fears divide.

Prejudices divide.

Weaklings divide with strategy for personal benefit.

Communities unite.

Hopes unite.

Leaders unite with substance for the benefit of all.

Memphians should look at Herentons character. Let's assume for the moment that it is true that the sex trap is real. Was Herenton's reaction one of a leader or one of a weakling? Did the words of his speech unite an electorate or divide one? Did Herenton's press conference inspire hope or fear? Did Herenton want Memphians to see him as a man who had been wronged or a black man who had been wronged by white men?
Thursday 14 June 2007

Nothing New

on 14 Jun : 16:16  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
There are some things going on that I want to comment on but not really rail about and I'm really sick of seeing that Prince video at the top of the page so here's some...

Quick Hits

HOLY CRIZNAP! Scooter Libby ordered to jail during his appeals. That sound you hear is conservative GOP operatives in DC pissing their pants.

The Today Show had some really great poll numbers this morning showing that "America" is unhappy with itself. Bush had a 29% approval, Congress something like 20% and 1 in 5 "Americans" felt that "the country was on the wrong track". That makes sense to me. Tim Russert ran his flapping jib about how the Dems base was pissed with them because they thought that rallying in 06 and taking back congress would give the Dem party a backbone to make changes like pulling out of Iraq. Ya think?!?!?

Locally, Carol Chumney had a big hoopdeedoo over her filing on Thursday, I think it was. I know that LeftWingCracker is supporting her and that's a positive for her in my opinion, but I'm just not feeling her. I haven't gotten to watch the local news for the last two or three weeks and it may be that she has been out there and putting her thoughts to the public but I haven't heard any of the real sign of a candidacy catching fire: BUZZ. Lots of people want her to be mayor because she's a woman and Memphis has never had a woman mayor. Lots of people DON'T want her to be mayor because she's white, some think she can't be mayor because she's white. Both ideas are as racist and ludicrous as saying she should be mayor because she is white. Me, I'm waiting on big ideas back with blockbuster budgets and blistering blueprints.

Ricky Peete resigned. What was the freaking rush, Ricky? I mean, how long ago was it that it came out that you were underinvestigation?

On the personal tip, I'm about a month into my new job having completed the first phase of training and getting into the actual work. It's going well now after the initial shock of going from classroom environ to boots on the ground.

Ophelia Ford. Jesus H Christ. Come on. Have some freaking dignity and keep it to the house. Ford Family Mojo was reduced to fumes in the tank, she's now caused them to have to get out and push to the closest Exxon that is not selling soy-based alternative fuels...that

F Paris Hilton. I got sick when I heard that she was let out of prison because she was unhappy. Boo frickin' Hoo. That's what prison is all about, you moron. There are two sites I read daily that are about Hollywood in the like and they make me laugh every day. WWTD and Superficial are essentially the same exact sites but sometimes they have differing takes on the same stories. For the last year or so, every day, they both have posts about Hilton, Lohan, Spears. If you look back over this past year, you can map a steady decline of all of them from being starlets to black holes. I mean, they are always seedy and trampy but their glossed over parts have steadily started showing themselves.

Friday 01 June 2007


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I will forever kick myself in the ass fortnightly for not going to Vegas to see Prince perform at 3121. The shows were reported to be intimate and amazing. This very much proves it to me.

I've seen Prince perform 4 times, always in large arenas like the Pyramid and the Midsouth Coliseum but nothing like this. Crazy as it may sound, this reminds me of the tape you might see of Sinatra and his gang playing. Maceo Parker's out there in the audience doin' his thing and Prince is singing like a master.

He's always seemed a singer with his own particular vocal stylings that didn't really adhere to norms, but here, I'm seeing something new. Gotta Broken Heart Again is one of his earlier songs. Originally, it's a bluesy guitar pop song and being the genius who "can be singin' a song, any style, any way, it ain't nothin' but a trick to [him]", Prince turns it into something akin to a standard, something Lena Horne or Sammy D could be heard singing in their own vocal style without blinking.

(Yes, I've been watching too much YouTube again.)

Prince Is So Damned Cool

on 01 Jun : 21:59  Posted by Brassmask  Category: Misc  
So, he's got a new song available for download on Verizon. Who cares? He's such a badass mf'er...

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